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Attendance Office

Mrs. Harrison-Owens will be serving as the Assistant Principal over attendance for this 2019-2020 school year.  Mrs. Owens will oversee the Attendance Office and  while working with various staff members to ensure that our students attend school each day.  Mrs. Harrison will partner with our parents through weekly conferences that address students' tardies and attendance. Ms. Terrell and Mrs. Martinez will serve as the PSA Counselors for this school year. Ms. Terrell and  Mrs. Martinez will continue to garner support and donations from various community agencies that have been used as incentives to motivate our students to maintain excellent attendance and improve attendance to reach our desired goals. It is our goal that all of our students demonstrate a 96% or higher attendance rate. Through the use of Get Data, we have determined trends for our student subgroups and have developed interventions and strategies to increase attendance rates. There are systems here at Washington Preparatory High School to ensure that school staff understands and reinforce attendance expectations and prevent absenteeism among students.  As a result, we have designated staff members that will support our students with achieving at least 96% attendance.  Additionally, we are providing a safe, welcoming, culturally sensitive, respectful and clean environment to promote a positive school climate.  Also, our Wellness Center provides intensive interventions to improve attendance and ensure that our students meet the A-G requirements.
      We will continue to partner with the parents of our students. Daily parent conferences about tardies and absences are held to create a partnership to support our students.   With the support and assistance of our students' parents, we are successfully creating plans to ensure that our students attend school each day on time.  School starts each day at 7:50 a.m.  The first period of the day begins at 8:00 a.m. Breakfast is served each morning in the classroom, so it is important that students arrive to class on time. We have implemented daily campus sweeps to assist our students with arriving to each period on time. Please help us as we strive to provide a quality instructional program for our students.  Here at Washington Preparatory High School, We are Compelled to Make a Difference.

Welcome to The Attendance Office Where We Are Compelled
At Washington Prep. H.S., We Are Compelled To Make A Difference
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Recognizing Student Attendance
Recognizing Student Attendance